...Or how I got into advertising!

This is Moi, “me” in French. The first language I learned when I was a kid living in Paris, France. Those where the days when Yugoslavia was a country and I got tired in the Acropolis, Athens, because to me everything seemed under construction…

But almost 6 years later, I came back to my home country: Venezuela. A famous country known for having the most beautiful women in the world, all except for me… I thought I was pretty, but with a qualifier—pretty ugly (My parents, of course, disagreed wholeheartedly, but that’s what one’s parents do, isn’t it?

Since being a kid, without even thinking I would end up working in advertising, I got a bunch of insights (and names!!!), and I quickly started realizing the importance of beauty products.

Then came middle school, where I learned how to read and write in Spanish, and high school (where I was still ugly but worse, because I had braces). At that time my father, along with my family, was sent for two years to Beijing, China as a Military attaché. Another country but a completely different experience!

Yes, the Chinese may have the Great Wall, but they had never heard of a VCR, Pyrex, or a vacuum, and, at that time, the abacus was just being replaced by cash registers. No English, no French, no Spanish, just Mandarin.  Down there, to communicate, images worked better than words… But, as they say, those where the old days…

Back in Venezuela, now knowing that there really was another side of the world (and I’m not talking about the US general market vs. the rest-of-the-people market) I received my Bachelor's degree in Science of Communication from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, with a major in Advertising and Public Relations.

I went on to work as a journalist at a major newspaper, “El Nacional,” as a public relations assistant at General Motors, and finally as a junior copywriter at Lintas Venezuela. Three years later came Concept, [...]